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Optelec Amigo 7 HD Hand Held Video Magnifier

Optelec Amigo 7 HD Hand Held Video Magnifier


£725.00 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: Amigo |

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The Amigo HD is the perfect choice for reading mail, magazines, newspapers, prescriptions, books, viewing family photos, seeing objects at varying distances and saving captured images for later viewing. Place it directly on your reading material or hold it up to view an item at a distance. Adjust magnification and contrast with an easy press of a button. Read price tags, menus, labels, street signs and more, anywhere!

Amigo HD offers two desktop hands free positions, allowing you to easily read, write, pay bills, file nails and work on hobbies. The lightweight portable design makes Amigo HD the perfect companion when you are at home or on the go.

Optelec Compact+ HD Hand Held Video Magnifier

Optelec Compact+ HD Hand Held Video Magnifier


£345.00 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: Compact |

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With the Compact+ HD, you can perform your daily reading and viewing tasks again. Text that used to be too small, can now be enlarged in the size that is ideal for you, in the colour settings you prefer. Designed to sit in the palm of your hand, you can even take it with you and read anything, anytime and anywhere.

The Compact+ HD offers so much more than optical magnifiers. It provides adjustable magnification for all character sizes and document types, eliminating the need to carry magnifiers with different magnification strengths. Thanks to the bright widescreen, you can clearly read text, and view images and objects even in sunny conditions.

Starting at a low level of magnification, so you can see more of the content on-screen and enjoy a greater overview. Also, the Compact+ HD can be used with and without the handle. To read price tags and signs whilst shopping, the handle can be folded out. To read and navigate around a newspaper or magazine, you can fold the handle in and rest your hands and arms on the desk or table. Alternatively, place your hand on the open handle and manoeuver the Compact+ HD easily over the document.

Optelec Traveller 13.3 HD Portable Video Magnifier

Optelec Traveller 13.3 HD Portable Video Magnifier

£1 794.00

£1 495.00 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: Traveller |

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The Traveller HD allows you to comfortably read letters, newspapers and other materials at the dining table, in bed, or in your favourite chair. Wherever you are, at home, in the office, at school or on holiday, the Traveller HD is your ideal light weight reading companion.

Its unique Slide & Read mechanism provides you with a more natural reading experience, especially for those people that find it difficult to keep their hands steady. Simply slide the screen across a line of text and view the content on-screen. It has never been easier to follow the line or sentence. Sliding back and forth enables you to recognise the shapes of individual words. You can see a more complete line of text because of the large screen, so you can read more fluently.

In high definition, enjoy stepless and variable zoom, with adjustable magnification starting at 2.4 times, the Traveller HD allows you to view text and smaller details of photos on the high brightness 13.3-inch widescreen.

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New ERGO Hand Magnifiers

Schweizer ERGO Mobil 10x LED (4500K) Illuminated Hand Magnifier

Schweizer ERGO Mobil 10x LED (4500K) Illuminated Hand Magnifier


£38.24 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: 164392 |

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The ERGO Mobil Illuminated Hand Magnifiers are a superior range of LED magnifiers, ergonomically designed with a soft touch zone for an easy-grip. The LED provides an even spread of light for more fluent reading. The easy to use boost switch provides audible feedback when operated and controls two brightness levels for improved reading both around the home and outdoors.

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New range of Clip-on, Flip-up Sun Lenses

D Clip Polarized Clip-ons Brown Rectangle

D Clip Polarized Clip-ons Brown Rectangle


£15.75 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: D5 Brown (SC251) |

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A range of clip-on, flip-up lenses to fit various sizes and shapes of frames. Available in 2 colours Grey or Brown.

The “all metal” flip up mechanism securely clips to the top of your plastic or metal frame, allowing you to obtain polarized, 100% UV protection with the superior polarizing lens system, protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays and blinding glare.

In addition, the polarized lenses are highly scratch resistant. You now have the convenience of just flipping them up or down while boating, fishing, or just driving your car.

The flip up “all metal” mechanisms are virtually unbreakable, and the “sticky” vinyl clip coating system protects your lenses by preventing slippage and scratching.

How to Prevent UV Damage to Your Eyes

What's New

What's New

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UV radiation is often recognised as the cause of sunburn and skin cancer but most people don’t realise its damaging impact on the eye.

Similar to how it causes damage to the skin, UV light damages your DNA which can lead to cellular damage in the eye.

Protecting the eyes from harmful UV radiation can be achieved easily by wearing sunglasses which block 100% of Ultra Violet light. Cocoons Filter Sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and are available in 3 different varieties.

The 3 styles,

All have been carefully designed to provide 100% UV400 protection from all angles (top, bottom and sides) isolating the eyes in a cocoon of filtered light.

For more information on Cocoons click here

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