Eschenbach Bino Prismatic Magnifying Spectacles

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When normal reading glasses are no longer adequate, then the Bino prismatic magnifying spectacles are ideal. Its strong magnification makes them a great low vision aid.

These prismatic spectacles, with its stylish matt gold colour frame, are similar to an ordinary pair of glasses in look, give a wide field-of-view and enable the wearer to have both hands free. The inner prisms included in the lens' design improve convergence, making reading clearer.

Protective case included.

Available in the following magnifications:

  • 4Dpt./1x with +6D Prism
    • Working distance: 250mm/9.8 inches 
  • 5Dpt./1.25x with +7D Prism
    • Working distance: 200mm/ 7.9 inches
  • 6Dpt./1.5x with +8D Prism
    • Working distance: 165mm/6.5 inches
  • 8Dpt./2x with +10D Prism
    • Working distance: 125mm/4.9 inches
  • 10Dpt./2.5x with +12D Prism
    • Working distance: 100mm/3.9 inches

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