Coil Visual Tracking Dome Magnifier

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Colour: Red

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The Coil Visual Tracking dome magnifier helps to reduce pattern glare and concentrate vision on individual words and sentences with two semi-circular printed filters designed to concentrate the vision on the 7mm bright central viewing strip. This reduces the amount of information to the brain and improves contrast. It can be particularly helpful as a reading aid to dyslexic children as well as the elderly, to guide reading.

Its dome shape also maximises viewing potential with its light gathering properties. 

This page magnifier comes in a choice of red or blue colour, sits directly on the page to use and can be easily tracked across the page with its soft easy grip sleeve.


  • Magnification: 1.7x 
  • Easily tracked across the page
  • Soft feel easy grip sleeve
  • Central viewing strip of 7mm (0.28 inches)

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