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Magnifiers For Handbags

Magnifying glasses that fit in handbags are a great way of being able to see more clearly while on the move. If you need advice call 0800 112 3691

For pocket, purse or handbag; folding, sliding or dome and with lights for illumination, these magnifiers are available in a variety of styles, colours and magnification levels.

They are a great visual aid while shopping, in restaurants or around the house.

PLUS: Batteries are supplied with all illuminated magnifiers so you can use them immediately.

Folding pocket magnifiers

Optima Folding 6x Hand Magnifier

Optima Folding 6x Hand Magnifier


£19.16 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: 250601 |

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Ideal to take out and about the Handheld Magnifier is supplied with a zip up soft black case to protect the magnifier when not in use.

The Portable Magnifying Glass has a high magnification aspheric lens and can be quickly and easily taken out and used. It is ideal as a Pocket Magnifier or for carrying in a handbag.

The plastic case encloses the lens and protects it from dust.

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Illuminated Pocket Magnifiers

Eschenbach Mobilux LED Illuminated 7x Pocket Magnifier

Eschenbach Mobilux LED Illuminated 7x Pocket Magnifier


£41.11 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: 15117 |

Available To Order


The 7x Mobilux LED Illuminated Eschenbach Pocket Magnifier is designed to be a Portable Magnifier and is powered by 2 standard AA size batteries. The LEDbulb of the Lighted Magnifying Glass has an unlimited life so no bulb changes are required together with a 10x longer battery life.

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Hand Held Magnifying Glasses

5x GO LED Pocket Magnifier

5x GO LED Pocket Magnifier


£24.11 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: 261601 |

Available To Order


This pocket sized hand held illuminated magnifier fits easily into a handbag or pocket. The LED Magnifying Glass provides a brilliant image and bright illumination which is switched on and off by sliding out the lens. It has a lightweight design making it easily portable to help read price tags and menus.

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Dome Pocket Magnifiers

Optima Bright-field 50mm 1.8x Dome Magnifier

Optima Bright-field 50mm 1.8x Dome Magnifier


£19.25 (Excl. VAT)

Product Code: 205001 |

Available To Order

The 50mm Optima round Dome shaped Magnifier helps to increase the illumination of the visual field by directing all the available light onto the page. This is a small paperweight Magnifier which can be easily carried in a pocket to be used as a reading aid. The Magnifying Reading Glass is placed directly onto the reading material so gives a steady image. Supplied with a protective bag.

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