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International Youth Day - Tips for Teens With Low Vision

Aug 12, 2019

With International Youth Day being on the 12th August 2019, it's got us thinking about tips for teens with low vision.

The change from childhood to adulthood can be a turbulent time, with lots of emotions and mixed feelings. Anything that can make a teenager feel 'different' can feel overwhelming, and low vision or a visual impairment can lead to teenagers feeling sad about their vision. It's important therefore to make sure you follow these tips:

Emotional Support

If you or somebody you know is struggling with the emotional side of having a visual impairment, know that there are always people out there who want to talk. If you are worried about your own feelings, please talk to a trusted adult, friend or charity helpline. If you know a teen with low vision, let them know you are always there for them to talk to or that you will put them in touch with a professional who can offer guidance. Finding other teenagers with similar conditions is always beneficial too - that way they can bond and share an understanding they may not feel they receive from other peers.

Role Models

Knowing somebody who has gone through a similar condition is beneficial for teenagers who often look up to role models. Having a positive mentor in their life can help their self-esteem and is also great for providing them with day-to-day life hacks.

Have the Right Equipment

Not only is it important that your teen continues to visit their local optician or optometrist for advice and prescriptions, but it's also important to make sure you have the right tools around the house, in their school or college and in their bag to make life easier. This can include hand held magnifying glasses, electronic magnifiers, desk lamps or desk lights or ready readers for when they inevitably leave their glasses at school or college. Having the best quality low vision aids to hand will make their life easier to navigate and help them not fall behind with school or college work.


It's important that teenagers have down time to relax, especially with all the changes happening to their bodies. Using an eye mask like this EyeBag will help to sooth irritated eyes and will give teens the time they need to reflect on the day in a soothing way.

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