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How to Winter Proof Your Eyes

Nov 20, 2019

The cold weather is upon us, and although this is great for snuggly nights in watching Netflix or drinking hot chocolates, it can play havoc with our eyes.

Here's how to Winter proof your eyes

Central Heating

Problem: Although most of us like to be warm, central heating can leave our eyes feeling dry and gritty, and it can also give you blood shot eyes (otherwise known as conjunctival hyperaemia).

Solution: Turn down the temperature on your central heating - opt for jumpers, thicker duvets and blankets instead. Also avoid gas or electric fires and car heaters which can blast air directly at your face.


The Eyebag Warm Compress

Problem: When it's windy, foreign objects are more prone to entering your eyes which can cause irritation.

Solution: Wear protective eyewear in the wind. If you do get a foreign body in your eye, The Eyebag can help to relieve irritation.


Problem: When the days are shorter, and the weather is colder, you may find yourself reaching for a coffee more than often. This in turn can keep you awake at night, making your eyes feel puffy the next day.

Solution: Try decaffeinated coffee (or water!) as an alternative.


Cross-contamination of bacteria from coughs and colds can happen, especially in Winter when illnesses are more rife. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes - especially before inserting contact lenses!


Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses Ink Slim line Grey

Problem: I know what you're thinking - why do you need sunglasses in Winter? UV rays are still active in Winter, and can increase your risk of sight-threatening conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Solution: Whenever the UV index rises above 3, you should wear sunglasses. You can view our range of UV ray protective sunglasses here.


Problem: When it's snowing, more UV radiation can be reflected into your eyes.

Solution: Invest in UV ray protective sunglasses - especially if you are going skiing!

Poor light

Magnificent Floor & Table LED

Problem: Poor light can mean that your eyes have to work harder than usual, which can cause eye strain and eye fatigue.

Solution: Winter is the perfect time to get your eyesight tested as it's not typically as busy. We also recommend investing in good quality lighting, such as our range of low vision lighting solutions. This will help to reduce eye fatigue and also cut your risks of falling or tripping over.

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