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How to Protect Your Eyes From Low Autumn Sun

Sep 30

Autumn starts on the 23rd September, which brings pumpkin lattes, cosy nights in and of course, low autumn sun.

When the sun is high, our eyebrow bones shield our eyes from the sun. However, when the sun is low like it is in autumn, the amount of UV rays entering your eyes increases. As well as these UV rays increasing the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration – one of the UK’s leading causes of blindness, it can also make seeing harder – especially when driving.

Here are our tips for how to protect your eyes from the low Autumn sun

  • If you shadow is taller than you, wear a hat and sunglasses to shield your eyes from the rays
  • Get children to wear sunglasses with protective lenses. Most UV damage happens before the age of 18
  • Wear sunglasses with a CE or BS standard mark to known you have good protection
  • Large lenses or wrap-aound styles – such as these – are best for covering the whole eye area
  • Wear a hat, cap or visor to block out the sun
  • Avoid the sun between 12pm-3pm when possible as this is when the sun is most powerful
  • Never look directly at the sun - it can cause serious damage to your eyes

Here are some great anti-glare, polarised sunglasses:

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Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses UV Shield Tortoise Mini Slim Grey

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Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses UV Shield Amethyst Streamline Grey

Cocoons Streamline size polarised UV filter sunglasses are designed to fit over a wide range of prescription spectacles securely and comfortably and can also be worn independently. Wearing polarised anti-glare lenses can help to reduce eyestrain and allow the eyes to stay relaxed and focused on the task to be done. Buy them here.

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