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Everything You Need To Know About Polarised Lenses

Oct 16

Why do I need polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses are beneficial, and not just if you have low vision!

Have you ever found yourself squinting while wearing sunglasses? There is an explanation for this, as sunglasses are designed to reduce brightness, but not blinding glare. Polarised sunglasses on the other hand are designed specifically to reduce the glare, allowing you to have the benefits of sunglasses, but without the squinting. Glare can cause eye fatigue, eye strain and it can even block your ability to see temporarily. Glare can get worse with age, and can particularly affect those with light coloured eyes.

What causes glare?

Glare is a light reflection bouncing off of surfaces, such as water, ice, snow, roads and other horizontal surfaces. When the light hits the horizontal surface, it becomes concentrated horizontally, which then can cause discomfort for your eyes, or sometimes even be dangerous.

What glasses do I need?

Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses

Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses in a range of filter colours provide protection against glare from shiny surfaces and both UVA and UVB.

These filter lenses are designed to be worn over or clip onto your existing spectacles.

Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses Ink Slim line GreyCocoons Polarised Sunglasses Ink Slim line Grey

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Cocoons Slim Line polarised sunglasses are designed to fit over a wide range of prescription spectacles securely and comfortably and can also be worn independently. Wearing polarised lenses can help to reduce eyestrain and allow the eyes to stay relaxed and focused on the task to be done. The patented frames are constructed from extremely durable black Ballistic Nylon TM with a soft touch finish and feature the Polare® lenses which are optically correct meaning that there is no visible distortion. The distortion free grey lenses provide a neutral tint that delivers natural colour definition and contrast with 15% Light transmission. They are ideal for everyday use in bright light conditions where enhanced contrast is not required and provide 100% protection from damaging UVA and UVB light.

Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses UV Shield Amethyst Mini Slim GreyCocoons Polarised Sunglasses UV Shield Amethyst Mini Slim Grey

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Cocoons frame design blocks damaging UV light and glare from all angles (top, bottom and sides) completely isolating the eyes in a cocoon of filtered light. The Mini Slim style’s medium small frame, 125mm wide x 35mm high, enables them to be worn independently or over some prescription spectacles. The frames have integrated side lenses which are precisely regulated to match the exact transmission rates and UV absorption curves of the front lenses to provide all round protection whilst maximising the light available to the eyes. Cocoons frames feature Flex2Fit® temples which allow the user to manually adjust the ear pieces to fit their own preferences providing improved comfort during extended wear.

Cocoons Polarised Sunglasses UV Shield Aqua Streamline Grey Polarised Sunglasses UV Shield Aqua Streamline Grey

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The Cocoons Streamline frames provide enhanced visual perception and maximum protection from retinal damage that can be caused by long term exposure to ultra-violet light. Their Polare® lenses are extremely durable and feature a chemically bonded scratch resistant hard coat to protect the lens surface from hazing that can reduce the quality of performance over time and feature a one year scratch resistance warranty. The black Ballistic NylonTMframe is coated in Soft Touch for maximum durability, and features a lifetime warranty.

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