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Eschenbach Battery Handle for Illuminated Stand Magnifier
Eschenbach Battery Handle for Illuminated Stand Magnifier

Eschenbach Battery Handle for Illuminated Stand Magnifier

Price: £28.78 (inc. VAT) £23.98 (ex. VAT)
Product Code: 159910 (H5c) |  In Stock
How do I use this product?

Illuminated Stand Magnifier

    • With the reading material on a flat surface place the stand magnifier on the material to be read over the text you want to see.
    • You may need to be close to the magnifier to see the text clearly if you need a more powerful magnifier.
    • It can be helpful to angle the material with a reading stand for a more comfortable viewing position if you need to be quite close to see clearly.
    • The internal illumination can make reading easier as the magnifier illuminates the exact material to be read or object to be viewed.
    • It can be easier to move the reading material from side to side rather than the magnifier as this helps to keep the optimum reading position in place.
    • Use your finger to help keep your place on text if you view only a part of the text at once due to the size of the magnifier
    • Bringing the magnifier and object closer to your eye can help to increase the amount to be viewed with an optical magnifier

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  • Battery handle for use with Illuminated Stand Magnifier Heads
  • Spherical filament lamp
Comfortable vario system non-LED battery operated handle used with a Magnifying Head for Illuminated Stand Magnifiers. The handle has a quick release battery cap and requires two C size batteries. Batteries are supplied with your magnifier so it is ready to use when you get it.  
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Lens size (Diameter)
Lens shape & design
Magnifier Length/Height
Use Battery operated handle with tungsten light to go with magnifying heads
Working Distance
Light colour/temperature Yellow
Power supply Battery Operated - 2x C size

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