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Lighting can help make things easier to see so can be an important aid to making the best of your vision.

Illuminated Magnifiers

Illuminated Magnifiers, available in Hand or Stand varieties, have an integral light that helps to improve contrast which can enhance the magnified image

Tinted Filter Glasses

Coloured UV filter glasses help to enhance contrast and reduce dazzling and are available in a variety of coloured filter lenses, styles and frame sizes.

Hand Magnifiers

Hand held Magnifiers are portable magnifying glasses with a handle to position and are ideal for short tasks such as reading menus and prices.

The Eyebag

The Eyebag helps to relieve tired and dry eyes offering relief and comfort

Eye Vitamins

Eye Vitamins promote eye health and help guard against age related eye conditions such as Macular Degeneration.

Electronic Magnifiers

Electronic Magnifiers provide the highest levels of magnification and operate as a closed circuit television system with a special camera to magnify the image onto a screen.

Spectacle Magnifiers

Spectacle Magnifiers are worn as normal glasses but have stronger, thicker lenses to magnify objects close to or for television and event viewing.

Folding Hand Magnifiers

Small Hand Held Magnifiers for handbag or pocket when out and about - Have an integral protective cover

Stand Magnifiers

Stand Magnifiers have a stand that holds the magnifier at the correct working distance from the page being viewed to maintain consistency of magnification.

Bar Magnifiers

Bar Magnifiers are shaped as a long bar or ruler and are placed on the page to magnify one line of text at a time.

Welcome to Vision Enhancers - magnifying glass and low vision specialists.

We offer a complete range of Magnifiers & Visual Aids for people with low vision, sight loss, macular degeneration and similar visual impairments. You can buy immediately online, or if you need advice you can call us free on 0800 112 3691. To find the magnification aid to suit your needs, please browse the categories above or use our magnification finder and product selection tool.

UK delivery on most products is free and covers a complete range of magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescopes, tinted glasses, clip on lenses and powerful reading lights. As well as low vision aids, many of our products are suitable for hobbies such as needlework, fly tying, model making, fishing and watching sporting events.

Our range is from top brands including Coil, Eschenbach and Schweizer, so whichever magnifier or accessory you choose you are guaranteed a quality product.


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